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Link exchange is easy by utilising this form. Provided you follow our rules you will recive a link from one of our 50 web sites.



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Planning a link exchange..

Would you like a link from one of our many web sites?

Then we have a link exchange programme. Simply select one of our web sites that has relevance to you own web site content from the list below & simply copy cut & paste our link code into your own web site.

All of our Plan 4 Group web sites have a Page Rank of between 2 and 4 which is growing steadily.


1.  Please select one of our web sites that has content relevancy to your own (scroll down the list below) & copy the link or html code.

2.  Place the link to us on your index page or a page that is only one click from your own index page.

3.  Then contact us via our email form & let us know the url of the page you have placed our link on together with your own html code for your own link that you would like us to place on our web site.

4.  Upon confirming the link to us we will then add your link on our site.

Please do not ask for a link without inserting our link first otherwise your request will not be answered.

Our Plan 4 Group web site coding follow :- - PLAN 4 GROUP - Planning permission for planning gain. Make money from property even in a falling market. - PLAN 4 INSURANCE - insurance guide and advice for all aspects of protection and cover. PLAN 4 FINANCE - finance guide and advice. Access to personal and business finance online. PLAN 4 CREDIT - credit guide and advice for debt consolidation. Cheap loans and access to business finance. PLAN 4 LOANS - loan guide and advice. Cheap loans for debt consolidation. PLAN 4 MORTGAGE - mortgage guide and advice. Remortgaging and online home owner loans. PLAN 4 CANCER - cancer guide and advice. Alternative therapy and cancer prevention advice. PLAN 4 COMPENSATION - compensation guide and advice. No win no fee with help on personal injury claims. PLAN 4 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - business opportunity guide and advice. Work from home - work at home. Help with how to start your own business. PLAN 4 HOME BUSINESS - home business guide and advice. Work from home - work at home. Home based business help. PLAN 4 INCOME - income guide and advice. Online funds and strategies for generating an income. PLAN 4 PENSION - pension guide and advice. Avoid the pension time bomb. Start saving or investing now for your future. PLAN 4 MONEY - money making guide and advice. Start your own business. Work from home - work at home. PLAN 4 SAVING TAX - saving tax guide and advice. Tax exempt saving schemes. Maximise your tax saving potential. PLAN 4 AFFILIATE MARKETING - affiliate marketing guide and advice. How to make money online. Start your own web marketing business. PLAN 4 WEB SITE TRAFFIC - website traffic guide and advice. Increase your hit rate - get more traffic to your site. SEO tips and tricks. PLAN 4 PROPERTY INVESTING - property investing guide and advice. How to make money from the property ladder. PLAN 4 PROPERTY REFURBISHMENT - property refurbishing guide and advice. How to refurbish a property and make money. PLAN 4 CONSTRUCTION - building construction  guide and advice. How to become a property developer. Make money from property by developing. PLAN 4 DEVELOPMENT - development guide and advice. Make money from property development. Help with getting on the property ladder. PLAN 4 BUILDING - building and construction guide and advice. Build an extension or how to build your own home. PLAN 4 OVERSEAS PROPERTY - overseas property investing guide and advice. Spanish homes abroad. How to purchase property abroad. PLAN 4 MOVING HOUSE - moving home guide and advice. Moving house made easy. How to move home. PLAN 4 HOME LETTING - let your home guide and advice. How to be a successful landlord. Make money from property. PLAN 4 BUY TO LET - buy to let guide and advice. Property investing using other peoples money. opm. PLAN 4 HOME IMPROVEMENTS - home improvement guide and advice. How to improve your home. Help with home improvements. PLAN 4 FURNISHINGS - home and office furnishings guide and advice. Help with furnishing your home. PLAN 4 SHOPPING - online shopping guide and advice. How to shop online and be secure. Can you trust home shopping on the internet. PLAN 4 AUCTIONS - online auction guide and advice. How to sell anything on ebay. Make money on ebay. PLAN 4 HOME ELECTRICALS - home electricals purchasing guide. Cheap home electricals online. PLAN 4 BETTING - online betting guide and advice. Spread betting online. How safe is spread betting. Help with online gaming. PLAN 4 GADGETS - online gadget guide and advice. Best gadgets for men. Best gadgets for women. PLAN 4 TRAVEL - online travel guide and advice. Cheap flights and cheap holidays. Last minute holidays. Cheap ski deals. PLAN 4 SPORTS - sports guide and advice. Cheap fitness equipment. Best adventure sports. Kite boarding guide. Wake boarding guide. PLAN 4 CHEAP TELEPHONE CALLS - cheap telephone call guide. Advice on how to get the cheapest telephone calls online. PLAN 4 MOBILE PHONES - cheap mobile phone guide and advice. Buy cheap mobile phones online. Cheapest network provider. PLAN 4 COMPUTERS - online computer guide and advice. How to buy cheap computers. Cheap hard drives. Cheap dvd burners. PLAN 4 FREEPHONE NUMBERS - cheap freefone 0800 number guide and advice. PLAN 4 CHEAP UTILITIES - cheap utility guide and advice. Cheapest gas and cheapest electric. cheap telephones and mobiles phones. PLAN 4 LIFESTYLE - lifestyle guide and advice. Life style guru gives help and advice. PLAN 4 SWIMMING - swimming pool guide and advice. Indoor pool guide. Best indoor swimming pools. Hot tub and spa guide. PLAN 4 PARTY TIME - party guide and advice. Shop online for party goods and fancy dress. Good party guide. PLAN 4 WEDDING - wedding guide and advice. How to plan your wedding day. Wedding gift guide. Help with the grooms speech. PLAN 4 DIVORCE - divorce guide and advice. Help with marriage problems. How to save your marriage. Mediate don't separate. PLAN 4 FUNERAL - funeral guide and advice. Cheap funerals online. Help with cremations and burials. Fine a cheap funeral director. PLAN 4 DEATH - death guide and advice. How to deal with death. Cheap funeral services and how to avoid inheritance tax. Good tax planning guide. PLAN 4 HEALTH AND FITNESS - health and fitness guide and advice. Altenrative therapy. How to get fit quick. Best exercise equipment guide. PLAN 4 THE GREAT OUTDOORS - outdoor pursuits guide and advice. Best outdoor sports. Outdoor activity holidays. PLAN 4 NEW CAR - new car guide and advice. How to purchase a cheap new car online. Which new car to buy. Top Gear best car guide. PLAN 4 CAR INSURANCE - cheap insurance car guide and advice. Book cheap car insurance quotes online. PLAN 4 CAR HIRE - car hire guide and advice. Cheap car hire abroad. Best airport car hire. One way car hire.

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