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Use Bad Credit Home Loan To Get Funds Despite Poor Credit Ratings

By Agnes Powel

Blemishes appear in the credit rating report when a borrower misses a credit card payment; defaults on loan installments or doesn’t pay his bills on time. A sharp eye is kept on these events by the credit rating agencies and they label such a borrower as a bad credit case. This serves as a warning to prospective lenders. Bad credit people, when they look for loans, often find it very hard because the lenders are adversely influenced by their credit rating history. However, if the borrower has a property or house, which he can offer as collateral for the loan, lenders become more flexible and underwrite their loans. A bad credit rating home loan becomes the saving grace for people with bad credit rating.

The most popular use of a bad credit rating home loan is to consolidate existing debts. In this process many debts with different lenders and nagging installments are clubbed into a single loan with a single monthly installment. A bad credit rating home loan is also used to buy a new car, to fund an exotic cruise, to pay existing credit card debts or to finance any home improvement plan. A bad credit rating home loan is very convenient way of securing a large loan, which otherwise would have been very difficult for those with poor credit rating.

Bad credit rating home loans due to their inherent risk come with a relatively high interest rate. Depending on how a borrower ranks on the credit rating scale he can expect typical APR (Annual Percentage Rates) ranging from 9% to 30%. Since, a bad credit rating home loan uses the house of the borrower as the collateral it is a secured loan. The repayment term for such a loan can vary between 5 to 20 years. A borrower can expect sums between £5000 and £50,000. This amount is limited by the value of collateral offered to the lender and the repayment capacity of the borrower. Taking the credit rating history into account the lenders feel it safe to give amounts up to 70% of the collateral value. The monthly installments of such loans are quite small and easily manageable, so these loans are very popular with bad credit rating people.

Since the interest rates, property valuation fees, solicitor’s fees, conveyance and other office charges can increase the costs of the loan tremendously, it would be a wise decision if the borrower shops around and gets the best deal. Heading straight to the first lender who promises a loan might compromise a borrower’s interest in the long run. A bad credit home loan with low interest rates and minimal fees can save a fortune for the borrower.

There are online lenders, specializing in bad credit home loans, which have a good experience in dealing with people with adverse credit ratings. Sensitive to the concerns of those with a poor credit rating, they often come up with innovative lending options to incorporate their borrowing requirements. Gone are the days when applying for a bad credit rating home loan was a daunting task involving a heap-load of paperwork. Most of the frontline lenders now have online presence and offer online application facilities. Filling up of these applications takes a very short period in fact just minutes and can be done from practically anywhere- the only requirement is a computer with an internet connection. A toll-free number is also mentioned on the websites of most of the prestigious lenders. It can be used to apply for a bad credit home loan. Many lenders offer an in-principle approval for a bad credit home loan within 24 hours. Best offers from the choicest lenders and a hassle free bad credit rating home loan awaits a borrower if he/she applies to the right online lender.

Agnes Powel is a financial analyst by profession. The academic qualification of MBA (Finance) from University of Central England matches his credentials. Years of experience in has given the field of lending him an insight into the various intricacies of the loans market. Through his articles, he tries to share this knowledge with the prospective borrowers.To find Mortgage,first time buyer mortgage,but to let mortgage that best suits your needs visit

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