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Ten Hottest Careers Everybody's Talking About - Medical Billing and Coding?

By Mark Sturge

Everyone has that dream job, the one they've been secretly coveting since they were young. Of course, few can grow up to be cowboys, astronauts or princesses, and even fewer can become super models. But, we still dream. They just don't pay the rent, unless you're a psychologist....

The truth is: everyone has a different definition of a that perfect job. It's impossible to categorize. But, there is a way to prove the most researched careers. Not as exciting, I know, but a bit more relevant. By removing the childhood glamour sheen, you can get down to the possible dream job, and that's worth looking into.

So let’s take a look at the ten hottest careers everyone is searching online:

1. Education: At the top of our list is the not so surprising choice of education. For some, this seems like the greatest position in the world--summers off, multiple vacations during the year, ultimate power over the spawn of your childhood enemies. Perfect, right? Maybe not. Few tend to think past the giddy pleasure of failing someone. This occupation requires a bit more than that: a bachelor's degree, education coursework, licensing exams, criminal background check and more. Also, the pay is not so, ahem, glamorous. This is a career for those seeking fulfillment (or those who hold a vendetta against certain bullies and wish to repay the favor, but don't put that on your exam).

2. Dog training: Who can resist a puppy? Well, it's actually not that hard when they're not house trained. The odor will overcome that "cute, wittle face". So, in steps a dog trainer. This individual will teach your dog the basics (sit, stay, don't eat that) and the not so basics (how to interact with other animals). Many go into this profession due to a love of dogs; however, it must be noted that this is not an easy job--these animals are not going to simply roll over because you say so. It takes patience, dedication and a lot of treats.

3. Medical: Ah, the lure of the emergency room. Blood squirting, needles inserting, the threat of impending death. It's easy to see why so many people want to become doctors. Of course, the money doesn't hurt either. That shouldn't shouldn't be your deciding factor, however. This work requires a tolerance to other's pain and a willingness to be on call every hour of every day. There's a reason for the expression, "Never marry a doctor". Your work will be your life; make sure you want to serve people, not just bill them.

4. Veterinarian: We love animals; that's obvious by the fact that two of the top ten jobs have to do with them. A Veterinarian, to put it simply, an animal doctor and can perform everything from hip replacements to organ transplants to removing a nail lodged in a paw. This is an incredibly rewarding job for animal-lovers. Two conditions: you will actually attend more school for this position than you would if you were working on humans and admission to a top school is competitive. Also, many animal-lovers find they cannot handle this profession. While they love saving pets, they cannot stand to bring them down. The overly sympathetic should reconsider; this is not easy work.

5. Medical coding: Another not so surprising entrant to the top ten is medical coding. Through this profession, you will insure that health care professionals are reimbursed for their services. The disadvantage to this field: jobs are becoming extremely competitive as more and more discover it. Positions may be limited.

6. Nursing: The medical profession is booming (which is a sad commentary of our state of health). Nursing is an ever popular job for those who wish to ease pain. Salaries vary, the highest paying positions usually being those in personal supply services. Florence Nightingale never had it this good.

7. Aviation: We've been trying to get ourselves in the air for many, many years. Now that we can, we won't stop. Aviation is one of the rare occasions when the dreams you had a child can come true--whether you're manning a military aircraft or giving balloon rides to tourists, it's all the same sky. This is a career with longevity and a wide range of possibilities, assuming you don't crash.

8. Medical billing: Not to be confused with medical coding, this is the process of submitting and following up on claims to insurance companies. Perhaps not the most riveting of description but maybe this will catch your attention: this job is poised to jump in popularity. The medical profession is growing, and it's taking this job with it.

9. Psychology: Unless you take after Lucy from 'Peanuts', few want to listen to people talk about themselves for hours as children. But, as you get older, you begin to see the benefit--money. Oh, and helping people move beyond their problems. Though it takes a lengthy amount of schooling, this is another profession looking to break ahead. For people who wish to discover the root of complications in someone's mind, this is a rewarding career.

10. Marketing: In its broadest description, marketing is selling things. Creative, driven individuals will succeed well here. Remember that lemonade stand you had that failed because the kid across the street sold his product cheaper? He was a natural marketer.

Mark Sturge is the webmaster of A site where you can find information, resources and tips on all areas career. Such as a home business career or the ten hottest careers.

Using The Right Medical Billing Code For Home Dialysis

By Melissa Clark

A simple, but crucial medical billing change has recently occurred. Beginning on October 1, 2005, the Medicare durable medical equipment regional carrier (DMERC) will no longer accept the diagnosis code 585.0. Instead of using ICD-9 585.0, medical billing should be done with the ICD-9 code 585.6 for home dialysis charges.

The code 585.0 means chronic renal failure. This medical code has now been discontinued and the DMERC will no longer be lenient on the code. The more descriptive code, 585.6 (end stage renal disease) much more accurately describes the diagnosis for home dialysis. It is important that your medical billing staff note this change. Failure to do so will result in unpaid future claims.

Situations like this depict the necessity to hire an outside medical billing firm. Many mistakes can be avoided by hiring one of these companies. Medical billing companies employ highly skilled individuals who are trained, certified, and updated on current medical billing/coding practices. By hiring these companies you are relieving your practice from the responsibility of training and updating your own medical billing personnel on changes.

Another advantage to using a medical billing firm is the time they free up for your personnel to work one-on-one with patients. The less time your staff spends on medical billing, the more time you can focus on customer service. This is an added bonus because the essence of medical care is centered around trust. In order for your patients to trust you, you must build up a rapport.

The change to the home dialysis medical billing code may be simple, however, there are many other medical billing changes that are not so simple. It is very important to keep up with all medical billing changes to ensure proper reimbursement for the future of your practice.

Melissa Clark, CCS-P is President and Director of Medical Billing Services for Outsource Management Group, LLC, a leading national medical billing firm.

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